Portrait Photography

Portrait and family photography — as original and unique as you are

You appre­ci­ate the finer things in life, so you know it’s worth going for the best. Your home, your car, your clothes: they all say some­thing about you, some­thing you’re proud of.

Jim Burns - Serious Drugs filmmaker / © Copyright 2012 Barrie Spence. All rights reserved.

And it’s no dif­fer­ent with a pho­to­graph. Espe­cially the kind of unique, clas­sic and time­less por­trait I can provide for you.

Ima­gine own­ing a truly ori­gin­al piece of pho­to­graph­ic art. The pleas­ure you will get from look­ing at you and your fam­ily cap­tured expertly for all etern­ity.

With a por­trait from Spence Pho­to­graphy, you have the chance to own some­thing spe­cial: a pho­to­graph which you know has had all my years of exper­i­ence and eye for artistry infused into the pic­ture. A true one-of-a-kind.

Ivory Flame outdoors portrait in rapeseed field

My por­trait ser­vice is entirely bespoke, tailored pre­cisely to your require­ments. We will meet before­hand and dis­cuss and plan the shoot, shar­ing ideas for your unique cre­ation. And if you’re stuck for inspir­a­tion, I’ll share my expert­ise and exper­i­ence with you — before long, we’ll know exactly how we’re going to cap­ture those decis­ive moments.

So wheth­er it’s a por­trait of your­self; com­mem­or­at­ing a spe­cial occa­sion such as an engage­ment or gradu­ation; or a chance to have you and your fam­ily cap­tured in a stun­ning and ori­gin­al way: my por­trait pho­to­graph will be some­thing you’ll treas­ure — forever.

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