Children’s and family photography

Your children – don’t miss a precious moment

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: they grow up so fast.

It seems that every day, your chil­dren are chan­ging before your eyes. Their inno­cence, their joy­ful­ness, their won­der­ful unpre­dict­ab­il­ity: these things are pre­cious.


With our child and fam­ily pho­to­graphy, you will have the pleas­ure of know­ing that these magic­al moments are cap­tured forever — in a series of pho­to­graphs which depicts all of their unique and won­der­ful per­son­al­it­ies.

That spe­cial smile. The bound­less energy. The excite­ment, optim­ism and fun of child­hood. We’re exper­i­enced in cap­tur­ing all of those fleet­ing moments in an artist­ic and attract­ive way which you – and your chil­dren – will love.

We will meet and dis­cuss your unique require­ments, which will also give your chil­dren a chance to get to know me: and for me to sug­gest ways in which we can cap­ture their per­son­al­ity in a pho­to­graph, whatever their age. Then we’ll agree a date, time and a place and you can relax, know­ing that you’ll end up with a series of pre­cious and per­son­al pho­to­graphs from Spence Pho­to­graphy which cap­ture everything you love about your chil­dren.

Don’t wait until those moments have passed forever – talk to us about this unique ser­vice and have them pre­served for etern­ity.

Get in touch to book a fam­ily pho­toshoot with Spence Pho­to­graphy now.