Passport and visa photographs

We can’t prom­ise you any­thing excit­ing for a pass­port or visa pho­to­graph (that’s simply not allowed in the rules for bio­met­ric pass­port images) and we can’t com­pete on price with a photo booth. What we can offer when you vis­it our pho­to­graphy stu­dio in West Lothi­an is an image that you don’t hate (as a pass­port photo we can’t prom­ise you’ll love it!), a pleas­ant exper­i­ence and a little social inter­ac­tion you won’t get from a high street photo booth. 

For chil­dren, bring­ing them to our stu­dio might be so much less stress­ful for you than try­ing to get them to cooper­ate in a photo booth.

Not every pass­port or visa ser­vice will accept photo booth images either (e.g. Cana­dian pass­port rules require that the image is shot by a pro­fes­sion­al pho­to­graph­er). Each coun­try can have its own subtly dif­fer­ent require­ments for its pass­port or visa pho­to­graphs too, so what was accept­able as your pass­port photo might not be accep­ted for a visa applic­a­tion. Most stip­u­late that the pho­to­graph has been taken in the last three months … and they occa­sion­ally revise the require­ments inval­id­at­ing any older images.

Prices for our pass­port and visa pho­to­graph sit­tings start at £24 — ses­sions nor­mally last approx­im­ately 15 minutes for an indi­vidu­al. Your images are nor­mally avail­able for col­lec­tion with­in 2 busi­ness days (we don’t typ­ic­ally offer a while-you-wait ser­vice, but we can offer same-day in some cir­cum­stances).

Pass­port and visa pho­to­graphs are only avail­able at our pho­to­graphy stu­dio in West Lothi­an.

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