Discreet boudoir / nude photography

Boudoir and nudes — a tasteful and discreet depiction of your beauty

You are beau­ti­ful (even if you don’t know or believe it) and you shouldn’t hes­it­ate to cel­eb­rate that. You might jus­ti­fy the exper­i­ence as a present for your part­ner, but a bou­doir photo shoot is really about you (so rev­el in it!).

Caroline - boudoir photography using natural light Let us cap­ture your beauty in a unique and eleg­ant bou­doir or nude pho­to­graph — where you are the work of art.

What we shoot is for you — a sug­ges­tion of the sen­su­al; a taste­ful glimpse of your seduct­ive glam­our; a hint of your allur­ing mys­tique … all of that and more is cap­tured in one of our beau­ti­ful and artist­ic bou­doir pho­to­graphs.

Per­haps the focus is on a part of your body, wrapped seduct­ively in an exot­ic item of cloth­ing. Or maybe the shot will be a por­trait of you at your glam­or­ous best, some­thing for you to dis­play with pride. And for the more adven­tur­ous, a dis­creet and artist­ic nude study can emphas­ise all of your enti­cing sen­su­al­ity.

Ivory Flame boudoir

The choice is yours.

We always aim to meet before­hand to dis­cuss what you want from your bou­doir photo shoot. That’s part of the ser­vice (all our ses­sions are tailored to deliv­er what you want and every ses­sion is for you the indi­vidu­al). If it’s not pos­sible for you to vis­it the stu­dio before the shoot then we will speak on the phone to cov­er the same points.

Don’t be shy if you want some­thing a little bit more exot­ic from your shoot — we’re very open-minded so you might sur­prise us but you won’t shock us. 

Appar­ently some will offer bou­doir ses­sions with less than hour in the stu­dio — we don’t. Rush­ing a ses­sion wouldn’t give you time to relax and enjoy the exper­i­ence (and enjoy­ing the exper­i­ence is key to this … that and stun­ning images). Of course we’re selfish — rush­ing a shoot wouldn’t be enjoy­able for us either.

Most ses­sions are shot in our stu­dio in cent­ral Scot­land, but for the ulti­mate exper­i­ence we can shoot in the opu­lent sur­round­ings of a lux­ury hotel room. 

And after this per­son­al, dis­creet and thor­oughly enjoy­able exper­i­ence, you will be the proud own­er of a series of exclus­ive pho­to­graphs to treas­ure: a per­man­ent remind­er of your own unique beauty, caught in time forever.

Temp­ted, but unsure? Lots of ques­tions? Our pho­to­graphy stu­dio in West Lothi­an is con­veni­ent for both Glas­gow and Edin­burgh and you’re always wel­come to call or arrange to vis­it.

Get in touch to dis­cuss your per­son­al bou­doir photo shoot now.