What do you need to know about working with Spence Photography?

Barrie Spence - portrait by Different Light Photography

  • I know it can some­times be intim­id­at­ing being in front of the cam­era, so I’ll do everything I can to make it relaxed and enjoy­able for you.
  • My goal is to provide you with pho­tos which you are delighted with and that are the envy of your friends (and if they ask ‘who took those?’, I’ll be happy too!)
  • I want you enjoy the exper­i­ence and to come back to me again and again (but there’s no rush, and I won’t pester you!)
  • I don’t like manip­u­lat­ive selling tech­niques, so I’ll nev­er use them on you.
  • I have my own style and use my own ima­gin­a­tion — I don’t shoot high key stu­dio por­traits against a white back­ground.
  • I don’t shoot with gim­micks or a lot of props. I won’t ask you to jump about or stand on your head – we’ll relax, have fun and take some great pho­to­graphs.
  • I’ll prob­ably wind up your kids.
  • Barrie shooting Stubbs family in the park

  • I prom­ise not to take you any more ser­i­ously than I take myself.
  • I won’t hes­it­ate to get down and dirty to get the shots I need. And I may ask your kids to do the same!
  • If you have a dog, don’t be sur­prised if I get dis­trac­ted or give it more atten­tion than you. And if you’re a horsey per­son, it’s best we don’t men­tion horses – we’ll nev­er get any­thing done.
  • I’m prob­ably more crit­ic­al of my work than any of my cus­tom­ers – you will always get my best effort. I’ll be gut­ted if you’re dis­ap­poin­ted.
  • Although this is my work, I still enjoy the oppor­tun­ity to have fun too.
  • If you didn’t notice the loc­a­tion inform­a­tion else­where, I’m close to Edin­burgh & Glas­gow in Cent­ral Scot­land, but I’m happy to travel.
  • I lim­it the genres I shoot and spe­cial­ise in por­trait­ure – stu­dio, life­style and bou­doir. I don’t shoot wed­dings and I don’t shoot events. I occa­sion­ally pho­to­graph dogs and horses (but shoot­ing them just isn’t on…)