Our good friend and award-win­ning pho­to­graph­er, Louise Sum­ner returns for for three days in Octo­ber (12th Octo­ber — Sunday 14th)  for the second 2016 vis­it of The Fairy Exper­i­ence to our pho­to­graphy stu­dio in cent­ral Scot­land .

The Fairy Exper­i­ence is only avail­able for these three days, so you have a very lim­ited oppor­tun­ity to join us to cre­ate some won­der­ful fantasy por­traits of your kids in our land of make-believe.

Online book­ing is now avail­able for this vis­it of The Fairy Exper­i­ence™. Fur­ther details of the event and abil­ity to select and book ses­sions online is avail­able from this All about The Fairy Exper­i­ence page.

We provide a full range of beau­ti­ful hand-made cos­tumes for girls ages up to 14 years and boys up to 6 years, so you don’t need to bring any­thing (except the kids!).

The ses­sion is FREE but we do ask you to make a £25 depos­it at the time of your book­ing. This secures your date and time and can then be deduc­ted from any pur­chases you make (or refun­ded should you decide not to pur­chase any­thing). The depos­it is not refund­able if you do not turn up or can­cel with less than 72 hours notice.

Each ses­sion takes 30 minutes in the stu­dio and is then fol­lowed with a short 30 minute view­ing ses­sion to allow you to select the images you want to pur­chase.

Prices start at £50 for a moun­ted 10“x8” print (£25 to pay after deduct­ing the £25 cred­it from your depos­it).

By par­ti­cip­at­ing you help raise funds for Edin­burgh Sick Kids — a very worthy cause.

The Fairy Exper­i­ence™ is always very pop­u­lar and places are lim­ited, so don’t hes­it­ate to book online now.



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